Field Trips

2019-20 Field Trip Schedule:

10/11/2019: Lady Washington Tall Ships Field Trip (Full).

For the first time, ever OASIS is excited to be able to offer a trip to the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport for a 2-hour sailing on The Lady Washington tall ship.  During this voyage, students will learn about trade, navigation, the life of a sailor and shanties. In addition, each Sailing Programs also includes opportunities for students to set and douse the sails, haul and coil lines, and take in the sights and sounds of the open seas. Your students will have an unforgettable experience while making connections between their own lives and the lives of 18th-century mariners!
12/04/2019: Seattle Art Museum
SAM Collection: Families from Around the World (Full)
Tour & Art Workshop (two-hour program)

Grades K–2 ONLY

STEAM: The Art of Symmetry (Full)
Tour & Art Workshop (two-hour program)

Grades K–4 ONLY

01/17/2020: Burke Museum Seattle
Nature's Networks 
Recommended for Grades 2-8
How do living things interact with each other and their environment? This hands-on field trip looks at six different types of Washington state ecosystems using real Burke collections to understand how living (and nonliving) things are connected through networks of energy—and how humans are part of these systems too. Then go see the “Life is Linked” exhibit in the Amazing Life gallery to learn even more about local food webs!

Details & sign up information will be sent by email before each field trip.