CBI Forms for Families

Many OASIS families choose to support student learning by accessing the experience and expertise of Community Based Instructors (CBIs) and Community Based Facilities (CBFs). CBIs and CBFs can be an integral part of student learning and enrichment within a given course and allow students to explore subjects of interest in greater detail, or to develop more advanced skills. All courses must align with Washington State Learning Standards and support the student’s learning plan. 


Before starting your CBI class...

Send to your OASIS teacher:

Parent Agreement or CBI Class- Please submit this form even if you used the same CBI last year.  One form per CBI.  You can list all of your kids that are using the CBI on the same form. This form needs to be received & approved by your OASIS teacher before you begin your CBI class.

High Risk Documentation- OASIS Families need to fill out a ‘High-Risk’ form only if the CBI course is a high-risk activity. Please remember to include proof of insurance (copy of insurance card) with the High Risk form. (Please refer to the 'High-Risk column' on the approved CBI/CBF list to see if a 'High-Risk' form is needed). This form (if applicable) also needs to be received & approved by your teacher before you begin your CBI class. 


Please take note: OASIS can't pay for classes that occur before a CBI has all paperwork in and is approved! Reminder: Private tutoring or 1 on 1 lessons will not be approved. If you'd like to use a CBI who is not approved, keep in mind that OASIS accepts applications for new CBIs & CBFs until mid-April. Priority will be given to CBI applications in August and September. After that, the application process may take longer.

CBI questions can go to: