Withdrawing From OASIS

A student can be withdrawn from OASIS at the discretion of the parent or by an adult student. To withdraw from OASIS, the parents must do the following:

● Inform the certificated teacher of the student’s last date of instruction.
● Return all non-consumable materials within 30 days of the withdrawal. We can send you a shipping label if you let us know how many boxes you will need to send materials back.
● Inform resident school district of the change and complete appropriate paperwork. We will rescind your student's Choice Transfer back to your resident school district.
● Parent needs to fill out online withdrawal survey to be officially withdrawn from OASIS.
● Parents are required to sign another “Declaration of Intent to Provide Home-Based Instruction” with the resident school district (Revised Code of WA, Chapter 28A.225) or enroll in another public school.