Return and/or Renew

Ordering, Returning, and Renewing Materials


Steps for Ordering Materials:

1. If you haven't already, check out the "How to Select Materials" page.

2. Please read through the "Materials Requisition Tips" and the OASIS-approved vendor list before ordering.

3. Fill out the Materials Requisition Form and send it to your OASIS teacher. 

Note: February 1st is the last day to order full-year curriculum and May 15th is the last day to order materials. Teachers can approve the purchase of supplemental instructional materials by May 15th necessary for finishing the school year.

Note: As required by state law, religious instruction and religiously biased materials may not be included in the Student Learning Plan, may not be purchased by OASIS, and may not be used to support the required average hours per week as these hours are considered “public school hours”. (Religious instruction is time spent directly promoting one religion over others.) The materials must not be of a nature that would preclude their use in a public school classroom. (Of course, families may use any materials they choose for hours not counted towards the minimum educational hours per week.)


Steps for Returning Materials:

All materials are property of Orcas Island School District and will need to be returned (with the exception of used consumables such as workbooks that the student wrote in) on or before the last Friday of the school year. For the 2018-19 school year that date is June 14th.

Send mail to:

OASIS School

611 School Road

Eastsound, WA 98245

Option #1: Return materials to OASIS through USPS.

Option #2: Return materials via FedEx. Please note: If you would like to have the district generate a FedEx shipping label at our cost you can email Laurie at and tell her how many boxes you need to ship. Laurie will generate a mailing label for you and FedEx will email it to you directly (so watch for an email from FedEx!). Print the emailed label, attach to the package, and deliver to a FedEx pick-up location. 

 ​Steps for Renewing Materials:

Non-consumable items may be renewed for one additional year if they meet all of the requirements listed below. OASIS staff will be able to process renewals after June 14th.

1. Please fill out and send the Materials Renewal Form (Word Doc) (PDF) to your OASIS Teacher to renew materials for the next school year. You may renew materials if these conditions are met:

+ The student did not finish the material this year OR the material will be used next year with a younger sibling.
+ You have had the materials checked out for only one year.
+ Your enrollment for the next school year is complete.