Enrollment - New Students

Welcome! We're so glad you're interested.

Please take the time to carefully read our OASIS K-12 Handbook. This is an important first step to ensure OASIS is a good fit for you! Make sure you understand our requirements, including those for student/teacher contact, 30-day reviews, annual assessment, and submission of work samples. Also note that we are an ALE (Alternative Learning Experience) and NOT a "homeschool" program.

For the 2017-18 school year, please complete steps 1 and 2, fill out the 2018-19 waiting list form, and then complete steps 3 and 4 as soon as possible. We will let you know within two weeks if we can enroll you.

1. Make sure you've read our OASIS K-12 Handbook.

2. Check out our information on instructional materials so you understand your curriculum options.

3. Complete this quick online form for a link to print out our application packet. Fill out the packet and email a scanned (not photographed) copy to mkayl@orcas.k12.wa.us (Mindy Kayl, OASIS Office Manager). If you need to fax or send paper copies through the postal service, please email to confirm receipt. For a little help understanding the forms, watch the short tutorial here. If you've received OASIS approval for part-time enrollment (≥80% at OASIS), also include an Enrollment Options form.

4. Contact your local school district office to have them submit a Choice Transfer request through OSPI's online system. They'll need to know OASIS is part of the Orcas Island School District. If you live on Orcas Island you can skip this step, but you do need a Choice Transfer if you live anywhere else, even if you've been homeschooling. Very occasionally a school district hasn't yet started to use the online system, in which case you can provide this link: http://digitallearning.k12.wa.us/options/districts/choice.phpPlease allow a few extra days for your district to process this for you, because we can enroll you only after we receive the online Choice Transfer request from your district.

5. If we're able you enroll you, you'll be assigned to a certificated teacher who will review our program requirements with you and help you develop a learning plan. Welcome to our school!

For the fastest processing, email scanned (not photographed) enrollment documents to:


Depending on student's grade, for learning plan, curriculum, and materials questions, please email:

OasisTeacherK-8@orcas.k12.wa.us or OasisTeacher9-12@orcas.k12.wa.us

For CBI matters, please email Karen at oasiscbi@orcas.k12.wa.us

To fax or snail mail enrollment documents:

360-376-1524 (fax)


Mindy Kayl, Office Manager

611 School Road

Eastsound, WA 98245