Online Courses - K-8/High School

Online Programs:

Are you wanting to use an online program as part of your learning this year with OASIS? Please speak to your teacher about the online options and then feel free to sign up for the programs you will be participating in. We've included the list below to make it quick and easy to find out information and SIGN UP. (No need to fill out a Materials Requisition Form - just use the sign up form)

SIGN UP FORM - READING EGGS / EGGSPRESS: Check out the Reading Eggs website for more information about this program. Our cost is $15 per student for the school year.



Online Course Options for High School Credit:

We offer the APEX online curriculum (, FuelEd online and Middlebury Interactive Language courses (, any course available through the Digital Learning Department ( and we can supply you with several off-line courses.  

Many APEX courses are proctored by an OASIS teacher. All FuelEd, Aventa, Middlebury and DLD courses come with a teacher. You are welcome to submit courses for approval as well; each course must align with state standards and meet requirements for credit toward a high school diploma.  We are also very interested in evaluating the multitude of free online courses; one might start at for ideas. Contact your OASIS HS teacher if you have questions.

Online classes as well as the cost of community contracted instructors, and other materials must be approved by the teacher and must not exceed our school budgeted expenditures for students (approximately less than $200 per student per month of school):

- APEX courses with OASIS teachers--students are charged by the “seat” and may enroll in multiple courses for $135/seat.
- FuelEd/Middlebury courses--courses are roughly $290 each per semester.
- DLD courses--vary in cost (often $270-$380 per DLD course, per semester), but cannot exceed the amount in a family's instructional support fund.

Note: World Languages can only be credited with the help of a Washington State Certificated instructor who is highly qualified in a given language. We use FuelED/Middlebury languages to fulfill this requirement. Rosetta Stone does not come with an approved, highly qualified teacher, and cannot be used to meet world language credit at the high school level.

High School Online Course Links:

Please complete our Online Contract , (pdf) and return it to your OASIS teacher. 

Apex Learning

Digital Learning Department (DLD) 

Fuel Education (formerly Aventa)

Middlebury Language